We develop holistic material and technology solutions in almost all areas of decorative surface refinement with the aim of always delivering the best result for our customers. This goal is the core element of our corporate philosophy and the standard we use to measure our business success.

ImawellYour expert partner for profile wrapping

For over 20 years, customers have relied on us as their expert partner for profile wrapping and on our comprehensive expertise. Today, we are already the leading supplier of decorative foils, adhesives and technology for surface wrapping and surface refinement.

We offer our customers integrated solutions for furniture and interior fittings, for walls, floors, ceilings as well as doors and windows – and all of this with a knowledge of techniques and materials that is unique within the market. This portfolio is built upon a large network of professional partners on the one hand, and a comprehensive product range which serves our customers from all fields of application on the other. Whether you need proven standards of quality or you're looking for outstanding implementation, we are the right choice for you. 

MarkenStrong brands with a profile

With MULTIMA by IMAWELL, discover a large selection of decorative surface foils for the production of furniture, doors, wall panels and interior fittings. Together with our customers and partners, we are constantly developing our portfolio further as a matter of course and also provide individual solutions that perfectly complement each other – from kitchen fronts to walls and flooring.

Edges from IMAWELL. For the perfect finish.
Show that your creations have edges and corners. Edge materials based on plastic or special technical paper enable us to achieve perfection down to the last detail. For a successful and attractive finish, OPTIMA by IMAWELL comprises a variety of edge materials ideally suited to our surface décor.

The challenges facing professional profile wrapping are constantly growing: The variety of adhesive substrates such as carrier and laminating materials is always increasing and production techniques are becoming increasingly specialised and sophisticated in response to the growing quality standards of end customers. Our solution: NOVIMA by IMAWELL – a selection of high-quality and innovative adhesives that are distinguished by their high product quality and ensure economical and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

Fleece fabrics for veneers are high-quality non-woven products with a plastic coating, which are used as veneer amplifiers to improve tear resistance and flexibility. They are extremely well suited to the production of veneer edges, profile wrapping veneers and large veneer surfaces in high-end interior fittings. TEXIMA by IMAWELL comprises fleece fabrics that are already used in wide-ranging applications in the processing of veneers for modern furniture and interior door production. 

Technologically innovative and economically efficient – the spectrum of services offered by our range of machines extends from individual profile wrapping systems down to complex automated system solutions. TECNIMA by IMAWELL combines modern machines, systems and process expertise for all essential processes used in surface refinement and profile wrapping. Our portfolio also includes fast delivery of tools, components and replacement parts as well as professional installation and a reliable after-sales service. 

Technikpartnerdüspohl – The specialist in profile wrapping and laminating systems

In order to uphold our high standards in achieving optimal results, we like to work with the best. düspohl is one of the world's most innovative companies in the development of profile wrapping technologies as well as laminating and peripheral systems for the wood and plastic industry. This mutually successful partnership dates back to when our company was founded. Today, continuously trained IMAWELL employees ensure that the systems we deliver are of the highest technical standard and function seamlessly even as part of individual holistic solutions. 

Quality products from 

FSC®-CERTIFIED PRODUCTSResponsible production

The preservation of forests for future generations has always been a special concern for us. With the demanding environmental certificate of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) we can prove this and supply a part of our product range range made of sustainable wood. 

The FSC is an international nongovernmental organization that promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. By purchasing our FSC-certified finish foils, thin laminates (CPL), melamine edges and fleece, you are not only bringing a piece of forest into your home, but also helping take care of the world's forests and protect our planet. 

Please ask for our FSC-certified products! 

For more information about the FSC please visit www.fsc.org.