Quality products from düspohl What distinguishes düspohl’s systems

High production flexibility

  • For the processing of different workpieces made of solid wood, wood products , plastics and metal
  • For five different wrapping materials such as veneers, paper-based foils, plastics foils, acrylic and CPL in rolls or sheets
  • Suitable for all common adhesive systems: EVA, PO, PUR

Future and needs-oriented company structure, which enables the flexible retrofitting of all systems according to individual and growing demands.

Assured product quality and increased process safety through

  • Patented adhesive guidance and nozzle slide geometry
  • Low quantity of precisely / exactly dosable adhesive, irrespective of speed
  • Lots of high-tech components such as the unwinding stations with automatic tension regulation - TensionControl
  • The precise foil heating system FHS
  • Modern laser technology

A clear increase in production thanks to wrapping of small batch sizes

Efficient set-up time optimisation through

  • Patented grid adjustment on the transport wheels and
  • A fast change system for the pressure rollers

Minimal use of personnel with only 1-3 employees on the system (depending on the degree of automation)

High economic efficiency and optimal price-performance ratio


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