See, hear, feel — the new colour worlds from IMAWELL

Many people have experienced this phenomenon. They see a colour and immediately have a corresponding piece of music in their head. Or they listen to music and imagine certain images and colours. Colours and sounds harmonize

in our perception and touch us with a double sensuality, which gives us access to an intuitive world of emotions. A unique combination that fascinates scientists, musicians, philosophers and us.

From the broad and varied world of colours we have created five new and unique IMAWELL colour worlds — colours with character, with nuances and their own note. Just as music and sounds consist of their own notes, so the carefully selected colours of our decors create a very specific composition. Composition that triggers individual sensations and simply fits perfectly. To our lifestyle. To our interior. To us.

Our new colour worlds at a glance

WHISPERING DAYLIGHT – A feeling that simply makes you happy

Cosiness, comfort and the Scandinavian art of simply being happy are expressed here in soft pastel colours and light wood structures. The bleached TRAVIS OAK allows experiments with accent colours to create your own feel-good interior. The sunny FINLAND OAK decor with white pores creates a warm atmosphere during long winter evenings, accompanied by the relaxing sounds of lounge music or the romantic elegance of the English waltz.

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SMOOTHLY ELEGANCE – Jazz classics in a modern arrangement

Minimalistic, varied and refined. This is the best way to describe not only the classical instrumental jazz, but also the mellow wood decors of the SMOOTHLY ELEGANCE colour world. Minimalistic in their form, varied in their variations and refined in their sense of style and timeless elegance. These characteristics can be particularly experienced with the BORNHOLM ESCHE furniture decor, which combines multi-coloured transitions with a delicate wood structure. Fans of modern interpretations will love the elegant ELM LENNY wood in the trendy taupe colour.

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FUNKY FRESHNESS – Beat in the city

As colourful and varied as R&B or Drum'n'Bass, as individual as the inhabitants of modern cities. FUNKY FRESHNESS convinces with light wood, bright colour accents and a cool play with textures and materials. The harmonious furniture decors JACKSON HICKORY and BOLTON OAK set the beat and impress with natural colour transitions and authentic structures.

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SWINGING NATURE –The most natural rhythm in the world

Nature follows its own music. With SWINGING NATURE, this rhythm becomes the model for all those who want to stay in balance and create their inner peace through natural colours, rustic wood and lots of green. The warm decor APPENZELL PINE impresses in all collection colours, from deep amber to weathered wood. Supplemented by a discreet green, the decor creates a vibrant and natural interior which invites you to dive into it with all your senses.

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BEATING NOBLESSE – An epic colour concert

Just as timeless as Vivaldi's "4 Seasons" is the perfectly shaped chic of the 18th and 19th centuries. With deep colours, heavy fabrics, dark wood and gold glitter creates BEATING NOBLESSE a stylish glamour from the bygone days. The intense chocolate colour of JAKOB'S WENGE underlines the self-confident and luxurious interior, while the contrasting and at the same time elegant JAKOB'S PALM TREE decor sets a stylish accent in a classic interior.

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