23/03/2021 Grey — the new white? Grey doors in the interior

Grey shades of interior doors are increasingly appearing in modern interior. This is not very surprising, since white doors have become pretty common and unspectacular. Grey doors fulfil the same "background function" in the interior, but they look much more stylish, elegant and upscale.

The main advantage of grey doors is their versatility. Light grey doors have a neutral appearance in combination with other decorative elements of the interior and create a harmonious overall picture.  At the same time, there is a wide range of grey tones, which allow a diverse combination with colours and patterns and thus offer interesting design solutions. Monochrome dark grey doors create a reserved and convivial atmosphere. The wood grain on a rich coloured grey door creates an appealing accent in the room.

In our gallery, we invite you to get an impression how the different door models and shades of grey look in the interior.

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