25/09/2020 Inspired by LOFT

Modern, stylish and dynamic — this is how the urban interior is known and loved. Loft is characterised by high ceilings, large windows and industrial elements. However, if you don't have at hand an empty factory building, this aesthetic can be imitated with our decors.

Andy Warhol made a spacial contribution to the development of the loft style — his art studio „Factory“ is a textbook example of a loft. If you have ever seen Andy Warhol’s pieces of art, you will never forget them. Unusual and bright — they impress with their crazy shapes and eye-catching colours. Our selection of modern loft colours is a little less avant-garde, but is perfect for living spaces.

ROXY — original and chic

Doors in a concrete look are an integral part of all the modern interior doors collections. Small concrete surfaces are also actively used when designing furniture elements — for example in combination with rustic wood. If you have not found the perfect concrete yet and want to expand your range, you are welcome to take a closer look at the ROXY decor family.

For the complex projects all collection colours are available in three different qualities: as finish foil, as 2D PVC Topline and as a 3D PVC film.

Do you like this decors?

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