01/09/2020 Inspired by NATURE

When everyday life becomes hectic, it is important that we can truly relax at home — like in a quite oasis, where inner peace is created by being close to nature. 

„Colors are the smiles of nature.“ Leigh Hunt

This is the motto of our modern selection of natural solid colours, diverse, like nature itself.

Color is the best way to create atmosphere. Fashion and automotive industry, social movements and cultural phenomena are linked with colors. Mother Nature not only gives us a safe place to relax, it also gives us inspiration. Our Inspired by NATURE color palette is the best confirmation for this statement. 

BARTEX OAK — rustic and expressive

Original, natural and diverse — this is how we see the colours in a nature-inspired interior. But only in combination with suitable decors and structures these will become a real trend. The rustic decor of the current season in the IMAWELL collection is definitely the BARTEX OAK. This expressive design in new colours LIGHT 10645 and AUTHENTIC 10646 ensures warmth and cosiness even in an ultra-modern interior. 

Do you like this decors?

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