10/07/2018 Interior and design

Loft-style design. Maximal space. Minimal restrictions.

Spacious, functional and open: this is the best way to describe loft style with integrated components. And not forgetting the matching decorative materials of course. At IMAWELL, you’ll find ideas to suit your own loft-style project.

Lofts originated in the 1940s in the industrial quarters of New York and London. Industrial attic floor halls vacated due to the global economic crisis were very popular, primarily among artists and freelancers. This is no surprise as the huge floor spaces, high ceilings and great lighting allowed them to live and be creative in the same place. Andy Warhol made a major contribution to development of the loft style – his art studio “Factory” from the 1960s is one of the most famous lofts in the world.

Following its transformation from an extravagant workroom to a modern style of living, the loft is currently experiencing a revival. This style is appreciated especially for its functionality and universality. 

The optimal decorative materials for your loft ideas

Loft design blurs the boundaries between different interior styles and is open to experimentation. Wooden elements can be combined with metal, glass and concrete; smooth surfaces with rough textures. Meanwhile, fabrics bring just the right touch of cosiness to the spacious interior design, whereas decorative accents provide an individual finishing touch.

The defining characteristics of a loft apartment are untreated walls – in the form of exposed brick masonry or concrete. These textures can be imitated in a deceptively realistic look with decorative materials. In urban apartments, for example, hidden doors in the same colours as the walls perfectly create the illusion of secret passageways.

Decorative material group – TERRA MATER

The versatility of the TERRA MATER decorative material brings industrial chic to any room and allows you to adapt colours and surfaces to suit your ideas.

Decorative material group – SANTO CHESTNUT

The SANTO CHESTNUT ROSARIO decorative material captivates with its unique texture combined with modern colour solutions. Furniture elements refined with this decorative material will fit perfectly into a loft interior and add a welcoming cosy feel to its pared-down aesthetic. The SANTO CHESTNUT variant in a light colour can soften the often overwhelming vastness of a loft space, whereas the deep SANTO CHESTNUT TOBACCO shade underlines the full impact and expression of a loft interior.

This design trend comes in many different forms and its elements can be perfectly integrated into other interior styles. A glamorous art studio, an urban oasis or perhaps Scandinavian minimalism? Keep experimenting to create your own loft – with coordinating decorative surfaces from IMAWELL for your project.