02/08/2021 INTERSTELLAR - a cosmic mix of materials and an exciting allrounder

Our cosmic decor INTERSTELLAR is full of secrets and presents itself in many ways. Named after the famous movie by Christopher Nolan, this decor aptly captures the mood of the work: a non-trivial idea, a lively overall appearance and a wide range of possible interpretations.

"If we knew all the secrets of the universe, we would instantly fall into incurable boredom."
(Anatole France)

The INTERSTELLAR hybrid decor effectively picks up on the trend towards material combinations. It reminds of rough concrete and at the same time plays effects of processed wood. Saw marks, filled wood sections and color gradients playfully overlap and make the decor appear particularly modern. Within the décor family INTERSTELLAR TEXTIL is an exciting variation. A rough-looking textile structure was additionally used here. The textile structure with an allover relief gives the decor a depth that you can feel and see.

Overall, the décor INTERSTELLAR is presented in four modern color tones, which allow many trendy combinations with wood decors or with solid colors.

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