18/02/2019 Laconic forms

New use cases for PowerWrap Wide 1400S for high gloss JPull fronts

One of the latest düspohl projects shows that the PowerWrap Wide can do more than just surface or surface plus edges. 

Even complex geometries in the edge area such as recessed grips (JPull) can be coated efficiently and with high quality in a combination of laminating and wrapping zone - even with high-gloss decors. The coating of the film runs uninterrupted from top edge to bottom edge over the entire board, including the recessed grip. The visible surface remains seamless - at a feed speed of up to 40 m/min.

Further components of the machine

At the beginning, the automatic threading system, from the unwinding of the decorative material to the adhesive application system, ensures increased user-friendliness. Further available components are:

  • a nozzle for hot-melt adhesive application, established in the world market 
  • reel changer for the coating material (also from below)
  • fully automatic adjustment of the working surface.

The elements are separated with a diagonal saw, also from düspohl, which cuts material thicknesses of up to 60 mm. It is also possible to separate the coating surfaces exclusively from both the top and bottom sides. 

In addition to the many handling advantages, the PowerWrap Wide 1400S also convinces with its energy efficiency, for example, the regenerative energy of the unwinding units is made available directly to the other parts of the machine. 

The PowerWrap series is the premium class among wrapping machines and is aimed at large companies with mass production. Here, efficient convenience of use is combined with a high level of automation and outstanding production performance. Learn more about the many extras of these high-tech systems.