07/07/2015 NATURE TOUCH - see and feel

Following the modern decor trends, manufacturers constantly create new forms and colours of decorative materials for surface finishing. They differ in colour, appearance and – most important today – in haptic perception.

To attract the attention of designers, architects and furniture manufactures is not easy, but due to the growing importance of haptic perception in modern design, decors with Nature Touch surface MULTIMA by IMAWELL are enjoying great popularity.  

Finish foils with relief surface Nature Touch reproduce the beauty and authenticity of natural wood not only visually but also haptically. The naturalness of the wooden structure, which you can see and feel, is generated by a synchronous structure on the decorative surface. This three-dimensional relief structure is made possible through the use of innovative lacquer technology and special structure rollers. Different depths and glosses define the variety of synchronous structures and give surfaces their perfect Nature Touch appearance.

Decor-Novelties with Natural Touch surface, such as Arctic Pine, Imperial Oak and Eiche Salento round off the product range of MULTIMA by IMAWELL and open up entirely new possibilities for stylish interior design ideas. Decorative materials with Natural Touch surface give any interior charm and correspond to the spirit of modern interior design.