23/11/2021 Off to the home spa: Design decors make the bathroom homely

In our fast-paced times, the bathroom, the most private room, is increasingly used as a retreat. The bathroom is becoming a recreational space that brings us relaxation and a soothing atmosphere. Discover how to make bathroom furniture more homely.

For many, luxury lies in relaxation and recreation. And so, more than ever, the bathroom is becoming a retreat and private home spa where you can find comfort and escape from everyday life. Accordingly, the design of the bathroom and the selection of suitable bathroom furniture is playing an increasingly important role in modern living spaces. 

Spa-feeling at home with design decors

Anyone building a new bathroom today is looking for much more than just function. Classic bathroom furniture such as vanity bases or cabinets are often almost indistinguishable from other storage furniture in the living area. Thus, a modern bathroom should be cozy and fit equally well with the general style of living. When it comes to color choice, as is so often the case: less is more.

For a real spa feeling and a valuable ambience, it is recommended to avoid gaudy colors in the bathroom design. Monochrome, mineral color schemes and stone imitations, such as the slate decor MAMBA, convince with noble elegance and give bathroom furniture a monumental character. Absolutely trendy and a great counterpart to typical white bathroom furniture are also dark plain shades such as anthracite and black. 

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