23/08/2021 Our top 5 decor ideas for interior doors

Be inspired: We bring a selection of our top decors into the spotlight.

Doors should not only open a room, but also create space: Interior doors represent an important design element and, together with the furnishings, determine the character of a room.

Depending on the style of living, interior doors are also becoming more and more important as design elements. Whether classic, modern or extravagant - there are no limits to the interpretation. We'll show you a selection of decors that match the spirit of the times and may spark new ideas for your next design project.


Our OAK ALPIN SNOW decor presents itself with a subtle, European oak structure and picks up on the current trend of white-gray wood shades. The subtle play of colors is supported by streaky areas, fine annual rings and a differentiated haptic. This simple, but noble oak is like a chameleon: it looks extremely modern on puristic doors, while profiled doors allow an elegant, classic look in country house style.


The trend towards natural living is unbroken: Decors that support a homey atmosphere are very popular. ELEGANCIA OAK PURE is such a decor: Wide to fine annual rings bring movement into the wood struktur and provide the decor its extremely authentic and elegant look. It‘s a modern classic, that sets no limits in terms of design.


Subtle grey tones, caramel, tinted beige and brown tones are in trend. In combination with color schemes of this kind, the decor MODENA OAK GREY creates an urban look. The decor is characterized by a subtle chalked look and an extremely detailed wood structure. Fine pores, knots and fine crotch figures complete the overall composition of this modern decor.


An oak with retro charm - that is TRAVIS OAK GREY. The vintage-style decor is based on a bleached oak. Whitewashed areas and expressive pores ensure liveliness and a good dose of rusticity. In its overall composition, however, TRAVIS OAK GRAY remains subtle enough to allow experiments with additional color accents in the interior.


Named after the mystical expanse of the Carpathian jungle, this hybrid decor delights everyone who is looking for something special. It combines a weathered, processed wood structure with leather-typical elements. The interplay of the brownish shades creates a slightly planked layout. TRANSSILVANIEN WOOD appears particularly impressive on large door leaves and sets striking accents.

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