25/03/2019 SQUARE DANCE for the good mood

The SQUARE DANCE design delivers what the name promises.

This square patchwork of a wide range of materials has been created with a great deal of joy and courage – just like the American folk dance, which developed from traditional dances from a wide array of nations, which immigrated into the USA.

Several types of wood, stone, solid colours and even textiles together create this unique, special atmosphere. Whether in light pastel shades, as can be seen on the chest of drawers, or in a combination of rustic, warm woods with rough stone and textile, this design allows all your wishes to be fulfilled individually.

The SQUARE DANCE decor allows you to experiment with design as well as with technical implementation. Since this decoration is produced using digital printing, small quantities and individual sizes of the layout are possible for an optimal fit. An UV-coating provides lightfastness as well as increased chemical, impact and abrasion resistance.

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