12/04/2019 The perfect finish with OPTIMA by IMAWELL edges

High quality furniture is unthinkable without a corresponding edge. This functional element can be a stylish designer touch and at the same time, giving the piece of furniture a finished look. Whether melamine or ABS edge, with OPTIMA by IMAWELL you will always find the perfect framework for your ideas.

The IMAWELL range includes both paper-based melamine edges and thermoplastic ABS edges. A wide variety of colors and decors matching the collections of leading chipboard manufacturers, as well as different widths and thicknesses allow you to always find a suitable product.

Elastic and single-layered MELAMINE EDGES

Melamine edges by IMAWELL are elastic single-layered materials in rolls made from lightfast special papers. Our melamine edges are impregnated with thermosetting resin and finished with a coat of environmentally-friendly varnish.

The range includes straight edges, softformed and rebated edges. A wide range of solid colors, wood and fantasy decors will satisfy the most demanding of customers. Different designs as well as the variability of the gloss level ensure that the edge is optimally adapted to the main surface.

In accordance with the environmental certificate of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC C144931) we can supply a part of our product range made of sustainable wood. By purchasing our FSC-certified melamine edges, you are not only bringing a piece of forest into your home, but also helping take care of the world's forests and protect our planet.

High quality and extruded ABS EDGES

Under the OPTIMA by IMAWELL brand, the furniture manufacturer expects a broad spectrum of ABS edges. The collection includes more than 3,200 decors suitable for chipboard of popular brands. In addition to the variety of designs, the ABS edges impress with their quality - this edge material in rolls is produced by extrusion from impact-resistant thermoplastic. It is easy to process and meets the growing environmental demands of the consumers: ABS edges do not contain heavy metals, do not release harmful substances and can be fully recycled. 

All ABS edges from IMAWELL are always coated with a primer. The high quality of its thin and even application ensures a very good bond.

The use of ABS edges ensures the longevity of the product, even during intensive use, high humidity or temperature fluctuations. A perfectly chosen design ensures that the surface of a piece of furniture and its edge are one.


Our carefully selected standard collection of decors for edging materials is in line with the collections of leading chipboard manufacturers and is continuously adapted in line with market trends. If you need individual solutions in addition to competent advice and popular designs, we can develop an edge specifically to your pattern.

This is not the only individual service we offer. At the customer's request, our official representatives in Russia and Ukraine - LAMIS, MELAM DECOR and INTERDEKOR - can cut melamine and thin thermoplastic edges into the required widths. ABS edge from 1.5 mm is extruded directly in the customer's width. It is also possible to apply the adhesive to the melamine edges.

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