Profile Wrapping Systems

Drawerline: vertical or horizontal 360°-Profile wrapping


DrawerLine is an ideal solution for users for the 360° profile wrapping for different kinds of...

Profile Wrapping Systems

Robowrap: intelligent Software in the profile wrapping systems industry


RoboWrap is the answer to the trend of ever smaller batch sizes and the increasing consumer demand...

Slitting and Winding Machines

Slitting and winding machines RSW from düspohl: efficient cutting machine


RSW is a reel slitter-winder which has two available knife systems that can be used in many...

Profile Wrapping Systems

MultiWrap Wood 400S: 360° wrapping of boards for drawers


This new edition of MultiWrap Wood 400S wraps drawers horizontally which means greater flexibility,...

Mitre Saw

SynCut 150


The rotating cut-off saw SynCut 150 is distinguished by minimal position tolerance combined with...


See, hear, experience - Colourful Symphony from Imawell


Colours and sounds harmonise in our minds and touch our senses with twice the power. We see what we...