3D hot laminationThree-dimensional thermoforming for high-quality furniture fronts

3D hot lamination or compression refers to a process by which a thermoplastic foil (mostly PVC) is applied to a profiled MDF substrate in a vacuum press. For this, two pressing systems are used, one with and one without membranes.

3D fronts are used for a whole range of exquisite furniture pieces, especially in the bathroom and kitchen as well as in the living and sleeping areas.

When using a PU dispersion adhesive for a permanent bond on the wooden material, the process consists of two steps: preheating and 3D thermoforming. The desired thermoforming of the foil results from the induced vacuum from below and the pressing force from above. The parameter settings of this process are dependant on the foil used as well as the geometry of the workpiece.

Our impact-resistant, 3D hot lamination foils are based on hard PVC without harmful softeners and are equipped with a primer and/or a bonding agent on one side for a secure bond.

3D hot lamination requires careful treatment of the workpieces both before and after as well as a high level of expert knowledge. We will help you choose the optimal 3D foils and adhesives and are also able to consider your individual requests.

3D hot lamination products