BondingFull-surface bonding for line production in the woodworking industry

The bonding of MDF components has a range of functions in the construction and furniture industry. This process involves applying glue to the edges or surfaces of wooden materials to produce multi-layered composite panels.
Typical materials that are glued and bonded are veneers, metals (sheets), MDF (MDF on MDF), wood or other wood composites and plastics such as acrylic. 

For bonding MDF with another wood-based component, dispersion adhesives or wood glues are used. For bonding with other materials, the selection of the right adhesive plays a crucial role. For instance, plastic panels or sheets are not porous. This means that vapours can no longer escape after bonding and as a result the diffusion of the evaporating adhesives cannot occur.

In our NOVIMA by IMAWELL selection, you will find a whole series of special adhesive systems which provide optimal solutions for the processing of materials such as metal and plastic, alongside more conventional options.

For bonding in line production, our highly efficient X-Press R continuous presses will serve you well for processes such as the facing of door frame profiles, floors elements and sandwich panels. At least two workpieces, of equal or unequal widths, can be precisely positioned and glued together along their length with hot-melt adhesives. 

We would be happy to provide you with an individual machine and material concept and recommend the right adhesives to help you achieve the best results. 

Bonding products