Surface lamination Wide-format surface lamination with all decorative foils

Surface lamination is often used in the construction and furniture industry in the production of furniture fronts, unit furniture, panels and interior doors. In this process, wooden materials in a wide format such as chipboard, MDF, HDF or plywood are bonded with foils, paper or fleece materials. For this, different adhesives are used depending on the materials to be bonded and the specific requirements of the job. The most common are hot-melt adhesives. Their main advantages in comparison to other types of adhesive are their high rate of compatibility with materials and a higher production speed.

On the other hand, water-based dispersion adhesives are also commonly used due to their compatibility with the environment and their effectiveness.

To meet the requests and requirements of our customers, we offer two surface lamination systems with varying degrees of automation and performance in collaboration with our quality partner düspohl: MultiWrapWide and PowerWrapWide. Another system which is perfect for laminating veneers in sheet and roll format with fleece materials is the highly efficient LamiNator fleece lamination system.

We will of course help you in selecting the right adhesive system and wrapping material.

Surface lamination products