2D foils2D foils: excellent designs in precisely fitting shapes

Whether for interior doors, furniture components, wall and ceiling panels, door frames, floor boards or window boards – our special thermoplastic 2D plastic foils can be used for the coating of wooden, metal and plastic surfaces, contributing a great deal to their durability.
With an impressive range of colours, effects, gloss levels, surface designs and surface embossings, we will not fail to meet your individual requirements.

Overview of all features

  • Does not contain plasticizers
  • Free from heavy metals in the formula and colour pigments
  • Resistant to stains
  • Scratch and wear resistant thanks to the protective lacquer
  • Lightfast and UV resistant
  • High elasticity and toughness
  • Excellent flow and forming properties
  • Excellent embossing stability
  • Primer or corona (for PP foils) possible
PVC 2D Topline – adapted to different applications

Decorative plastic foils made of hard PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are used for the refinement of furniture surfaces and interior design. Depending on the application and requirement, our product range includes PVC foils with
different mechanical properties and functional characteristics. Topline foils are primarily used in the production of furniture and interior doors, wall and ceiling panels as well as window boards.

Flexible and environmentally friendly

PP wrapping foils are often used for the wrapping of chipboard drawer frames. This environmentally friendly foil is flexible and can be easily bent and embossed. It wraps all manner of profiles, concealing their irregularities, and is also perfectly suited for the surface refinement of interior doors and furniture components.

Optimal for vertical applications

Environmentally friendly, PET-(polyester)-based furniture foils are ideal for the refinement of vertical surfaces in the manufacture of furniture and interior doors. They possess excellent functional characteristics and processing properties and stand out as a high gloss foil with superior covering power and surface smoothness.