3D FoilsPerfect solutions for every area of application

3D thermoformable foils are even suitable for difficult profile geometries with the smallest manufacturing tolerances and therefore offer versatile application options for the sophisticated refinement of furniture fronts, furniture elements and interior doors.
Our extensive range of designs, gloss levels and embossings meets every requirement and boasts outstanding material quality. Manufactured according to state-of-the-art recipes, our 3D hard foils stand out with the highest visual consistency, excellent processing properties and functional characteristics as well as extreme durability.
All 3D foils meet the highest Europeans quality standards and are free from softeners, heavy metals and other impurities that are dangerous to health. 

Outstanding quality for sophisticated living environments

Hard-PVC-based, 3D thermoformable furniture foils are ideal for membrane pressing. Thanks to their outstanding flow and forming properties, 3D PVC hard foils are being used more and more for the production of door and cupboard surfaces, tables and work surfaces as well as furniture elements and displays.

Plain designs for the best surface qualities

Hard-PET-(polyester)-based, 3D thermorformable furniture foils offer an environmentally friendly alternative to 3D PVC foils without having to forego the excellent functional characteristics and processing properties.