EvolineWith impressive looks and sustainability

Our Evoline surface foils, produced using a unique manufacturing process, are particularly impressive thanks to their outstanding 3D look and creative designs. Free from solvents, softeners, formaldehyde and VOCs, the Evoline foils are also extremely environmentally friendly and contribute to a healthier living climate.

Created to withstand the greatest stress

A special feature of the foils is the high crosslink density of the foil surface. The densely sealed material surface makes it easy to clean and guarantees outstanding resistance against mechanical stress and chemicals. To achieve this, we use a special multi-layered material structure and modern, repeatedly proven electron-beam surface treatment technology which leaves behind no fragments or cleavage residues in the print.

Beispiel Kantenverklebung
High-quality finishing for furniture, doors and interior fittings

Based on environmentally friendly polypropylene, evoline.interior surface foils fulfil the highest standards of both people and the environment. The foil spans a wide spectrum of plain, creative and wooden decors – ideal for flat lamination and the wrapping of furniture components, room doors, wall and ceiling panels as well as other elements of interior finishing.

several steps ahead

Thermoplastic foils for floor coverings have to withstand strains which can be enormous. Evoline Flooring foils, specially developed for all floors in private or public domains, master this challenge and distinguish themselves through an extreme resistance against physical and chemical influences.