SetadurUnique coating for interior doors

Setadur – is a unique decorative coating by Imawell for the refinement of flat and profiled surfaces in solid colours. The coating is characterised by its elegant silky-soft surface and resistance to micro-scratches, while being flexible at the same time. The name Setadur speaks for itself: Seta means 'silk' in Italian and duro 'hard'.

Thanks to the Excimer technology, the surface is extremely matte and resistant to glossy stains, providing an anti-fingerprint effect.

Setadur – is an ideal coating for surface refinement, especially for interior doors which are important design elements reflecting home’s interior style. Doors with a Setadur coating give interiors a special character of comfort and create an impeccable impression of exclusivity.

Setadur coating – is a natural product made of special paper, impregnated with thermo-active resins, free from formaldehyde. The material has an improved wear resistance and is as resilient as CPL.

Setadur – is an advanced product development that meets the high environmental and aesthetic demands of today.

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