SUNLINEStylish designs with acrylic foils in high gloss down to matte

SunlineStylish designs with acrylic foils in high gloss down to matte

The coextruded material of the Sunline range is available in a reflective, high gloss look as well as in a matte, satined or textured structured design. The foils are perfect for vertical interior applications – for instance, in the kitchen, bathroom or living room as furniture fronts, alcove units or end panel solutions. Due to the innovative Hardcoat coating technology, the finished surfaces have the highest level of resistance to wear, scratches and chemical exposure.

Fine-tuned to your requirements   

The break-resistant material is perfect for the large-scale industrial production of high-quality furniture and is highly flexible during processing. All foils have a protective lining and are pre-treated with corona or primer on the back.In order to minimise defect rates, we offer decorative foils from the Sunline range in rolls or cut to size. Of course, we also offer matching edge material and backing foil.  

Maximum gloss and brilliant depth of colour

The sunline.gloss decorative foils feature a brilliant high gloss finish with a fascinating reflective effect.

  • High gloss surfaces with a reflective effect
  • Excellent surface smoothness
  • Brilliant depth of colour
Velvety surfaces with a super matte effect

The super matte, modern decorative foils from sunline.satin are perfect for surface lamination, profile wrapping and post forming. The finished surfaces, which do not retain fingerprints, are particularly easy to clean thanks to the high surface density and are also highly resistant to UV exposure, chemicals and wear.

Expressive structure with a 3D effect

The extraordinary decorative foils from sunline.structure bring dynamicsm into the Sunline product family and create unique accents. The coextruded ABS/PMMA-based material is just as highly resistant to mechanical stress and chemicals and can be processed through lamination and wrapping.

Backing foil for lasting quality

With sunline.backing backing foils, the quality of furniture is maintained over a long period of time, because warping through heat, cold and moisture is reduced.  Fine-tuned for the sunline.gloss, sunline.satin and sunline-structure surface foils, the backing material is available slightly grained in HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) material.

SUNLINEStylish designs with acrylic foils in high gloss down to matte