Hot melt adhesives

Hot melt adhesives made-to-measure for profile wrapping

Hot melt adhesives based on PO (APAO) or EVA are ideal for profile wrapping for interior use, the treatment of furniture edges and die surface lamination.

Reactive hot melt adhesives

Strong solution for the building, wood product and furniture industries

Thanks to their high final strength and longevity, reactive hot melt adhesives based on polyurethane (PUR) have become essentials in the building, wood product and furniture industries.

Dispersion adhesives

Sustainable and innovative: Water-based adhesives for a wide range of applications

Environmentally-friendly dispersion adhesives are attractive not only for their outstanding properties, but also enable to the branches of the construction, woodworking and furniture industries to reduce costs and simultaneously improve product quality.

PU dispersion adhesives

Water-based PU adhesives for 3D hot lamination.

Polyurethane-based dispersion adhesives are particularly suitable for hot lamination with plastic foils for the production of 3D mouldings and have also proved highly suitable for use with high-gloss foils.

Solvent adhesives

2C solvent adhesives for the wrapping technique with rake adhesive application

The two-component, PU or PE-based solvent adhesives are formulated for wrapping with adhesive application by means of a rake and can be used for diffusion bonding with thermoplastic materials and PVC.

Bonding agents, hardeners, cleaning agents and solvents

Useful additional components for qualitative bonding

Surface bonding is now unthinkable without bonding agents, hardeners, cleaning agents and solvents. As the specialist for profile wrapping, we can supply you with not only the right adhesives but also the appropriate additional components.