Solvent adhesivesDiffusion bonding activates the cohesive forces

Solvent adhesives consist to a large percentage of various solvent mixtures. After joining, the solvents evaporate and penetrate the materials to be bonded, creating a solid bond – the cohesion. Solvent adhesives are applied to one or both of the surfaces to be bonded and are convincing on many materials with good wetting properties Thanks to the rapidly established durability, jointed parts are also suitable for external use.

This 2-component, PU-based solvent adhesive is used for bonding PVC furniture foils, synthetic resin-impregnated thin foils and fleece-backed veneers to MDF-based core materials and extruded PVC profiles.

Base PU
Properties 2-component solvent adhesive
Very high heat and water-resistance
Suitable for profile wrapping machines with rake application
Colour: yellowish
Suitable hardener: novima.add 902
Suitable solvent/cleaning agent: novima.solv 950
Application Furniture, interior doors
Uses Profile wrapping
Coating material Finish foil / paper, PVC
Core material Wood, plastics, metal