Melamine edgesOPTIMA melamine edges: Every surface, every contact a success

With OPTIMA by IMAWELL, the narrow faces of wood materials such as chipboard, MDF and HDF in the whole visible and invisible living and working area can be readily and seamlessly coated. In addition, melamine edges can be processed in any edge bonding machine. All our melamine edges are produced on the basis of lightfast, printed special papers. They are impregnated with thermosetting resin and finished with a coat of environmentally-friendly varnish.

The advantages at a glance

  • Easy to work
  • A wide variety of surface and rear face finishes: Finish varnish, embossing and rear adhesive coating
  • Available to match the coating material
  • Made up to order: edge width, adhesive coating
  • Extensive range in stock
  • Lightfast
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Chemically resistant

Imawell offers melamin edges in three qualities: straight edges, softform edges and rebated edges:

For straight, narrow faces

Endless, single-layer edges or single-layer edge strips with finish surfaces in a wood, plain or fantasy design, suitable for the coating of straight, narrow faces, for example, on carcase components, fronts or work surfaces. On request, the edge can be delivered with its rear face rubbed down and coated with hot melt adhesive.

Standard make-up

  • Material thickness 0.28-0.33 mm
  • Roll width 630-700 mm and cut to request
  • Roll length approx. 550 m
For profiled narrow faces

Softformed edges are ideal for the coating of profiled narrow faces – even with narrow radii and deep-set edges. The softforming process is an edge-gluing technology in which the end face of board materials is milled and, immediately afterwards, the edge material is glued joint-to-joint with the board surface. Edges designed for this process are particularly elastic.

Standard make-up

  • Material thickness 0.28-0.33 mm
  • Roll width 630-700 mm and cut to request
  • Roll length approx. 550 m



Right-angle deformable melamine rebate edges

Rebate edges are right-angle deformable and designed for the narrow face coating of door rebates. They can therefore easily be processed on any door rebate bonding machine and prove their point with their high flexibility and deformability. Furthermore, door rebate edges show outstanding over-stretch and moulding properties. They provide a visual and tactile transition between the elements and provide reliable protection against mechanical influences. 

Standard make-up

  • Material thickness      0.31-0.34 mm
  • Roll width                    630-700 mm and cut to request
  • Roll length                   approx. 550 m