SC slot nozzle For perfect adhesive application

The SC slot nozzle, suitable for all filler-free adhesives, was developed for the adhesive coating of roll-mounted decorative materials as well as raw veneers and ensures a completely uniform and precise adhesive application. The patented adhesive feed system does not miss any corners, and as a result the adhesive does not burn. Moreover, it does not require a pneumatic valve for stopping the supply of adhesive when turning off the machine. You also profit by saving up to 30% more adhesive compared to roller application, because the quantities applied are always exactly measured, irrespective of production speed. 

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Technical details

Width of adhesive coating:
0 - 250 mm I 0 - 400 mm| 0 - 550 mm
0 - 700 mm I 0 - 1000 mm I 0 - 1400 mm

Advantages and features

  • Patented adhesive feed system and nozzle gate geometry
  • Exact quantities applied irrespective of production speed
  • 100% adhesive replacement in the nozzle body irrespective of the current coating width
  • Separately adjustable nozzle gates, also suitable for eccentric adhesive coating
  • Extremely low-wear mouthpieces with a permanent non-stick coating
  • Simple and safe filter replacement using a practical stainless-steel screw bit
  • Easy removal of cured adhesive residues thanks to the non-stick coating
  • Slot nozzle control using language-independent touchscreen operation - optional
  • Automatic slot nozzle positioning for the laminate material edge - optional

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