Charging systemsFor the simple charging of all profiles

At IMAWELL, we think solutions. Our services cover all important processes, especially when it comes to our main area of expertise: profile wrapping. That includes the charging, transportation, storing and separation of profiles. We will help you optimise all of your production processes with demand-driven solutions, from manually operated systems down to vacuum portal charging systems including automatic destacking.

Reference projects

  • automatic charging and destacking of a profile wrapping and laminating system (door factory, Russia)
  • Vacuum portal charging of a multi-rip saw with sheet material including automatic destacking (door factory, Russia) 


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Transport of stackable profiles made easy

With our compact belt magazines, stackable workpieces or profiles are almost effortlessly conveyed in continuous operation. Especially clever: by using a frequency-controlled drive unit, you can adapt the speed percentage-wise to downstream wrapping systems or similar machines. In this way, gaps that arise between workpieces can be closed immediately. 

Store and separate your profile belts

The profile charging machine DLBA 300 is specially designed for magazining and indexing stackable and non-stackable profile belts. Its trademarks are an innovative design, high productivity and an optimal price / performance ratio. Charging takes place for the downstream wrapping system or similar machines.

Charging products