Foil heating system FHS Precise preheating of wrapping materials

The foil heating system FHS is employed directly before slot nozzle adhesive application. It enables the constant control of the foil temperature by warming up the wrapping material to a certain, predetermined temperature. The material is guided over a temperature-controlled heating plate, whereby its actual temperature is measured. The predetermined, desired temperature of the material is thereby found and kept constant, even throughout changes in the feed rate.


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The advantages at a glance

  • Constant foil temperature control, even throughout changes in the feed rate, thanks to the automatic variation of the heating surface
  • Not dependant on foil colour or structure
  • Non-stick coating on the surface
  • Low energy consumption, even with feed rates of >30 m/min (1.8 kW)
  • Contact-free foil temperature measurement immediately before adhesive application
  • No thermal deformation of the foil when turning off the machine
  • No thermal radiation/blinding effect in the vicinity
  • Preselectable foil temperature between 65-85°C
  • Not sensitive to vibrations or impacts
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Can be retrofitted onto all existing systems

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