PrimeStar 2010 PrimeStar 2010 – reliable, clean and quick upgrade

The PrimeStar 2010 application system was specially developed for optimally dosing low-VOC, aqueous primers. The efficient separation process of primer and air – ECOplus technology – reduces solvent emissions from the primer by approximately 90% and guarantees both constant adhesive quality and optimal cleanliness in the system. That reduces your operating costs, increases system availability and reduces VOC emissions. The PrimeStar 2010 can also be retrofitted onto all existing wrapping systems and is quick and easy to install. 

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The advantages at a glance

  • The integrated system controller guarantees a constant application quantity at all production speeds. Speeds of 40 m/min and more are possible.
  • A self-cleaning filter system removes any dirt from the primer on the return flow, before it is circulated again.
  • The integrated gauge control in the basin automatically takes the amount of primer to be applied from an external container.
  • The application quantity needed is well below 10 g/m².
  • Equipping the machine takes a matter of seconds.
  • Next generation application heads: economical and easy to adapt to every geometric profile shape.
  • Easy, image-guided operation independent of language via a touchscreen.



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