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We, the team at IMAWELL, are concerned about sustainable and economically viable solutions in all of our endeavours. Our machines are often modular and always user-friendly in design and can therefore be retrofitted and upgraded, almost never needing to be completely replaced if one component no longer functions like it should. For this reason, we offer you a range of solutions alongside our portfolio of machines to increase their performance and competitiveness – from tools and spare parts to efficient upgrades for every application and demand.


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The IMAWELL tool service

We are known for combining high-performance technologies with first-class service. With our tool service we offer you readily available tools and components for your profile wrapping systems. We can also realise customised solutions for individual customers in a timely manner. In addition, we implement special components and tools to optimise products according to your desires and demands. Contact us – we will advise you and procure everything that you need for your systems.

IMAWELL spare part acquisition: fast and reliable

You can depend on our professional spare part acquisition service. We have almost all common parts for profile wrapping systems ready and waiting for you. 

Ideal finishing without tearing and constricting

The unwinding station is ideal for quickly washing down the winding material and works with practically all wrapping materials

Precise preheating of wrapping materials

The foil heating system FHS is employed directly before slot nozzle adhesive application. It enables the constant control of the foil temperature by warming up the wrapping material to a certain, predetermined temperature. 

PrimeStar 2010 – reliable, clean and quick upgrade

The PrimeStar 2010 application system was specially developed for optimally dosing low-VOC, aqueous primers. 

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