SynCut 150 SynCut 150 – ideal for the separation of profiles during the manufacturing process


The rotating cut-off saw SynCut 150 is distinguished by minimal position tolerance combined with optimal cutting quality and outstanding value for money. The unique concept of this system makes any form of profile clamping redundant. So any kind of mechanical marks on the decorative material or undesirable deformations of the profile are thereby impossible.

The sawing unit, driven by a servo motor, is digitally synchronised to the profile speed. Especially practical: a further “dividing cut” within the profile can be programmed using the control unit.
The SynCut 150 can of course be retrofitted onto any existing wrapping system. 

Technial details

Through-feed dimensions (without sawing): 310 mm x 100 mm
Cuts per minute: max. 40
Feed rate: max. 40 m/min
Cutting tolerance: +/- 2 mm
Working height: 900 mm


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