SynCut 220/360 Absolute quite running and maximum cut quality

Advantages and features 

  • Segmenting at the butt joint
  • Segmenting into up to 20 programmable lengths
  • Segmenting into identical lengths – halves, thirds, fourths, fifths and sixths
  • CNC-controlled drive and sawing axes
  • Centralised lubrication system
  • Self-optimisation of both NC axes
  • Two saw blades for trimming cut (aluminium strips for veneer rolls)
  • Trimming of the front and rear edge
  • Trimming of the front edge with a subsequent separating cut
  • Material-specific saw blades


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Technical details:

Cuts per minute: max. 60
Feed rate: max. 110 m/min
Cutting accuracy: +/- 2 mm

Cut-off saw products