Cut-off SawsPrecise separation of profiles

The innovative SynCut cut-off saw system separates, or cuts, profiles precisely and almost silently, boasting a performance of up to 70 cuts per minute or 110 m/min. And the machines do not require profile clamps to do so. Instead, the sawing unit (horizontal) and the sawing stroke (vertical) are driven by digitally synchronised, three-phase servomotors. In this way, any kind of impressions on the decorative material or deformed profiles are things of the past. The separation of workpieces or continuous material in identical lengths can be easily programmed and reproduced.

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SynCut 150 – ideal for the separation of profiles during the manufacturing process

The rotating cut-off saw SynCut 150 is distinguished by minimal position tolerance combined with optimal cutting quality and outstanding value for money. The unique concept of this system makes any form of profile clamping redundant. So any kind of mechanical marks on the decorative material or undesirable deformations of the profile are thereby impossible.

Absolute quite running and maximum cut quality

The high-speed SynCut 220/360 cut-off saws adeptly separate and divide wrapped workpieces made of wood and plastics as well as metal, whereby the feed rate is proportional to the speed of the production flow. Continuous materials, for instance from an extruder, can be easily cut in pre-programmed measurements, while the saw blades (dependant on material and profile shape) optimise the cut.

The perfect cut for vertically wrapped drawer frames

The SynCut V250/V330 was designed to separate and divide vertically wrapped drawer frames and other similarly shaped workpieces made of plastics and wood. The feed rate of this system, too, is proportional to the speed of the production flow, while the division of the workpieces can be programmed using the input control. Irrespective of the actual butt joints of the work pieces, continuous material can be separated in fixed, programmable sizes.

Ideal solution for plastic processing applications with thermoplastic

SynCut fusion is an innovative separating system that was developed for separating profiles wrapped with thermoplastic foils. This system is distinguished in particular by its clean, chipless cut, whereby workpieces are separated automatically at the joint with an accuracy of +/- 2 mm. With a distance of at least 4 mm between profiles, the SynCut fusion reaches feed rates of up to 40 m/min.

Just like almost all düspohl solutions, this system can of course also be used with older models of wrapping machines or even those of other brands.

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