LamiNator LamiNator: Innovative solution for lamination or coating with fleece materials

The fleece lamination systems, available in working widths of 400 mm, 700 mm and 1000 mm, process sheet and roll materials with optional unrolling and rolling stations. With a highly efficient evaporation/drying line, the intensity of the infra-red radiators is automatically adjusted to the feed rate and a working speed of up to 40 m/min can be reached.

To be able to make perfect use of the full working width, it is also possible, despite the compact construction, to laminate a number of veneer strips in parallel. In addition, each processing step (adhesive application, drying line, lamination zone) is equipped with a separate, frequency-controlled drive.

The system is also available with a slot nozzle for PUR application. 


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Technical details

Transport speed: 5 - 40 m/min
Roll Ø: Up to 700 mm
Working widths: 400 mm I 700 mm I 1000 mm

Advantages and equipment


  • High production speed
  • Frequency-controlled drives
  • Rubber coated adhesive applicator roller and dosing roller in stainless steel
  • Dosing centrally adjustable and reproducible via digital display
  • Efficient drying zone with IR modules switchable in groups
  • Fleece unrolling with automatic tension control
  • Heated lamination zone with solid steel rollers
  • Integral rolling station (optional)
  • Pull-out electrical cabinet




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