PowerMelt PowerMelt – high production performance with maximum temperature regulation precision

In contrast to other units, the melting energy of the PowerMelt pre-melt unit is generated by the drive system in the extruder. Additionally, a new kind of screw geometry ensures the absolutely uniform melting of hot-melt adhesive granulates which is required for supplying a wide slot nozzle.

Thanks to the continuous process of movement between the adhesive granulate, screw and tube, the forming of adhesive deposits or burning in the system are things of the past. All forms of cleaning are thus redundant, even after longer periods of use. The high efficiency of this system enables the melting of up to 120 kg/h of adhesive granulate (EVA) at only 7.5 kWh, for instance.


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Technical details

VSE model: 30 | 60 | 120 | 300 | 600
Melting performance (in kg/h) up to: 30 | 60 | 120 | 300 | 600

Advantages and features

  • For EVA based hot-melt adhesives in granulate form
  • No cleaning necessary
  • No breaks in production during refilling
  • Exact temperature control
  • Can be retrofitted to all systems and application areas
  • The supply of adhesive is also possible directly via a bulk bag
  • Can melt up to 120 kg/h of adhesive granulate (EVA) at only 7.5 kWh

Pre-melt products