UniMelt UniMelt – compatible with all adhesive applicator units

The UniMelt pre-melt units are used for melting hot-melt adhesives such as EVA and PUR and can be used with all common adhesive applicator units such as doctor blade, roller and slot nozzle units. Profit from the smart, demand-driven melting performance and always maintain an overview of your adhesive reserves using the multi-level level monitoring system.


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Technical details

Melting performance depending on adhesive type: up to 40 kg/h | 80 kg/h |  160 kg/h
Standard block sizes: 2-20 kg or as granulate

Advantages and features

  • For all standard EVA and PUR based hot-melt adhesives 
  • Gentle melting process due to precise temperature control
  • Integrated dry air generation with a pressure dew point of -70°C thanks to external compressed air generation
  • Easy removal of cured adhesive residues thanks to the special design and non-stick coating
  • Unrestricted access to all components that come into contact with adhesive
  • Continual melting without needing to interrupt production for refilling
  • 100% utilisation of the adhesive used
  • With integrated slot nozzle control and language-independent touchscreen operation on request 
  • Integrated electrical cabinet

Pre-melt products