EasyWrap Ideal for businesses with small-batch production

EasyWrap: Compact and high-performance

EasyWrap systems are the ideal entry into profile wrapping and come with all the advantages that fundamentally define the process. They are particularly suitable because of their compact size and the clear orientation towards single unit or small-batch production for businesses with small throughputs. Whether the profiles are in wood, plastic or aluminium – the EasyWrap wraps them all. The machines also have an all-in-one adhesive application system that enables several functions to be carried out at the same time. This saves valuable time and you can rely on a refined automation system that always achieves the best results.


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Applications and machine types

Workpiece Glue application Machine type and working width
Wood materials Slotted nozzle EasyWrap Wood 310 S
EasyWrap Wood 400 S
EasyWrap Wood 550 S
Wood materials Roller application EasyWrap Wood 310 R
EasyWrap Wood 400 R
Plastics Slotted nozzle EasyWrap Window 310 S
EasyWrap Window 400 S
EasyWrap Window 550 S

Technical details

Working width:                       From 310 to 550 mm
Profile height:                         Up to 130 mm
Transport speed:                   5 to 80 m/min

Advantages and equipment

  • Frequency-controlled main drive
  • Primer application in the EasyWrap Window version
  • SCS all-in-one adhesive applicator unit: Pre-melter, dosing pump, filter system and slot nozzle in a single unit
  • Dosing pump with three-phase servomotor
  • Dosing control independent of speed
  • Filter element with quick-change system
  • Continuously adjustable slot nozzle
  • Unwinder for roll materials
  • Pressure and guide roller
  • Pressure zone with quick-change system
  • Patented click adjustment of the transport wheels
  • Silicone rubber rollers
  • Ull-out electrical cabinet
  • Protective light barrier network to protect personnel on the machine drive and control side

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