PowerWrap High-tech systems for mass production

PowerWrap: The premium generalist with efficient convenience of use

With its own lamination and milling station, the PowerWrap is aimed, above all, at large businesses with mass production. Here, efficient convenience of use is combined with a high level of automation and outstanding production performance. Equipped with many extras, such as aluminium strip control, automatic roll changing and the filter element with quick-change system, this high-tech system brings a new dimension to profile wrapping.


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Technical details

Working width:                       From 250 to 700 mm
PowerWrap Wide: up to 1400 mm
Profile height:                         Up to 130 mm
Transport speed:                   5 to 100 m/min

Advantages and equipment

  • Frequency-controlled drives
  • Cleaning and pretreatment units
  • Primer application in the PowerWrap Window version
  • Aluminium strip control
  • Melt units for EVA, PO or PUR adhesives 
  • Unwinder(s) for roll materials
  • Automatic roll changing
  • Adhesive dosing control independent of speed in slot nozzle operation
  • Continuously adjustable slot nozzle
  • Nozzle positioning
  • Operator control via touch screen
  • Filter element with quick-change system
  • Pressure zone with quick-change systems
  • Patented click adjustment of the transport wheels
  • Central width adjustment of the transport wheels
  • Silicone rubber rollers
  • Free-standing electrical cabinet
  • Light barrier for personnel safety on the drive and operating sides of the machine
  • For sheet materials: fully automatic veneer magazine with maximal positioning accuracy and efficiency

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