Profile wrapping systems Efficiency and high performance from the professionals

In close cooperation with our long-standing technology partner düspohl, we offer profile wrapping systems in four different models. The main application areas include the wrapping of wood, plastic and metal profiles as well as the lamination of flat surfaces. All machines satisfy high standards of quality in terms of reliability and long service life and can be enhanced with further components according to customer-specific production requirements.


Quality products from 

Ideal for businesses with small-batch production

The fine but professional entry to the world of profile wrapping – perfectly suited for smaller operations with production in only smaller batches. 

  • The all-in-one system – pre-melter, dosing pump, filter system and slot nozzle in a single unit
  • Processing EVA, PO/APAO and PUR hot melt adhesives
  • Units for the cleaning, pre-treatment and pre-heating of the profiles
  • Processing of all usual core and décor materials
  • Set-up time optimised with quick-change systems
Flexible and productive – one machine for every requirement

The MultiWrap Series is defined by its high modularity, productivity and variety. Primarily larger companies with the required series production are perfectly equipped with this series.  

  • Fully automated production processes

  • Powerful pre-melters

  • Working widths from 250 - 1000 mm

  • Control via TFT colour touchscreen and language-independent operator guidance

High-tech systems for mass production

The premium class of surface lamination systems was designed, above all, for mass production with a high throughput and is therefore aimed at larger businesses with high product sales.

  • Self-cleaning pre-melt units
  • Melt capacity of up to 300 kg per hour
  • Production speeds of up to 100 m/min
  • Non-stop production with fully automatic roll changing
  • Worldwide patented, continuously adjustable slot nozzles with working widths of up to 700 mm (PowerWrap Wide version: up to 1400 mm) for an outstanding adhesive application profile
  • Automatic positioning of decorative material and slot nozzle against the profile
  • High-performance side trimmer and milling units for perfect finishing



Vertical or horizontal 360°-Profile wrapping

DrawerLine is an ideal solution for users for the 360° profile wrapping for different kinds of profiles, such as drawer frames, carcasses or other furniture parts. Thanks to the minimised set-up times, you benefit from higher output while constantly achieving best quality results.

  • 360°-wrapping
  • set-up time max. 6 minutes 
  • minimal consumption of adhesive due to slot nozzle application and constant dosing (patent)
  • feed rate up to 100 m/min
  • automatic reel changer for uninterrupted production (optionally for DrawerLine 250H)
The new generation of profile wrapping systems

The RoboWrap is the first robotic profile wrapping system and is a true generalist with an extremely high level of automation.                      

This all-rounder scores with:

  • The highest level of automation of all profile wrapping systems
  • A set-up time reduced to about 5 minutes for a change of profile
  • The possibility of producing single-unit batches

Profile wrapping products

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