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With our selection of slitting and winding machines, we cover the high demand for high-performance systems for various applications and materials. The machines are used for the longitudinal cutting, dividing and winding of decorative papers, plastic foils (made of PVC, PP and PET), sandwich foils, laminates, some textiles or metal foils such as melamine, plastic and veneer edges, and other materials depending on material strength.


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Outstanding results thanks to automatic knife positioning

For outstanding winding quality, you can rely on the AutoCut machine with ASP (Automatic Slitter Positioning). It uses automatic positioning for the upper and lower knives as well as for the two line lasers as an alignment aid for winding cores. Whether you use paper foils, plastic foils or even edge materials made of veneer, ABS and other materials, the winding process has never been simpler or more precise. 

Maximum performance for heavy and wide roll materials

The RSW slitting and winding machine was specially developed for the longitudinal cutting and winding of wide and heavy roll materials. For working with larger mill rolls, the automatic brake power control ensures a constant web speed. Complemented by two rewind shafts, this robust system performs efficiently to ensure the best winding result. 

Edge-strip winding machine: perfectly threaded

The compact KSW edge-strip winding machine prepares adhesive-coated and uncoated edge material rolls made of veneer, paper and laminate in freely programmable lengths – and does so at high speed. For instance, a 5 meter long roll can be wound and fixed in 15 seconds. The edge material is automatically threaded and wound around itself, without the use of paper cores as carriers, to make high-quality rolls. The KSW system can also be operated entirely using a practical, language-independent LCD touchscreen.

EdgeCut - the newest generation of slitting and winding technology

The EdgeCut slitting and winding machine represents the latest in state of the art technology and is one of the newest developments from düspohl. The new system not only minimises hazard potential for the operator, it also further reduces tedious set-up times. 

Effective division of material rolls and safe handling

The MasterSlice system effectively divides material rolls made of paper, laminate, veneer and some plastic rolls on paper cores. The highest possible cutting quality is guaranteed by the servo-driven feed control.

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