AutoCut Outstanding results thanks to automatic knife positioning

Technical details
Cutting speed: 10 - 150 m/min
Working width: 400 mm I 700 mm I 1600 mm


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Advantages and features


  • Automatic circular knife positioning with an accuracy of +/-0.1 mm
  • Programmable via touchscreen
  • Minimisation of set-up times and hazard potential
  • Knife with Æ180 mm for an extremely long lifetime
  • High flexibility due to the possibility of using different knife systems
  • Automatic braking power control for unwinding, with no contact and dependant on diameter
  • Edge guide control for telescoping material rolls
  • Constant web speed and web tension during rewinding
  • Simple knife replacement
  • 1 or 2 rewind shafts, optionally available as friction winding shafts
  • Very easily accessible thanks to overhung winding shafts with support bearings that can be pivoted away
  • High drive power for ultra-tight winding results
  • Deionisation possible
  • Shaftless unwinding with a two-sided clamping pin for easy handling

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