MasterSlice Effective division of material rolls and safe handling

The MasterSlice system effectively divides material rolls made of paper, laminate, veneer and some plastic rolls on paper cores. The highest possible cutting quality is guaranteed by the servo-driven feed control.

Material rolls are safely loaded and unloaded from the machine with the aid of a lift table. For the highest possible level of precision, the saw unit is guided by a servomotor perpendicularly to the roll material on linear guidance systems. Feed rate and cutting speed can be freely preselected depending on material, while the division of the material roll is carried out fully automatically according to the predetermined kerf widths.
The necessary operating controls are ergonomically designed and cleverly integrated into the machine housing, where they are easily accessible to the operator.


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Technical details

Working width: 2200 mm
Roll diameter max.: 550 mm
Min. kerf width at optimal roll hardness: 20 mm
Cutting tolerance: +/- 0.2 mm

Advantages and features

  • Highest possible cutting quality due to servo-driven feed control
  • A pneumatic expanding shaft secures and fixes the divided material rolls during sawing
  • Automatic determination of the inside diameter of the paper core before sawing in order to establish the insertion depth of the saw
  • Fast and safe handling due to a moveable lift table
  • Very simple to programme the desired division widths



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