Backing fleece

Backing fleece for perfect roller veneer of furniture, doors and interior fittings

Backing fleece is used for the production of veneer edges and profile wrapping veneers. Fleece-backed veneer surfaces find particular use in the production of furniture and doors as well as in high-end interior finishing.

Press fleece

Press fleece for flexible bonding and ideal reinforcement

Press fleece, also known as veneer-reinforcement fleece, is particularly suitable for flexibly bonding veneers and reinforcing larger veneer surfaces. The absence of this flexible material in the production of veneered doors, moulded plywood and profile wrapping veneers is now inconceivable.

Veneer jointing tape

High-quality veneer jointing tape for the production of veneer

This heat-activated tape with a high-quality fleece backing and one-sided adhesive precoating serves to splice veneer strips to veneer rolls and prepare veneer edges. It is also used for splicing very thick veneers.

Signal tape

Highly functional ALU-signal tape for inductive

ALU-Standard signal tape serves to join veneer strips with induction-compatible veneer rolls. This heat-activated adhesive tape is also perfectly suited for the production of fixed-size veneers on rolls as well as for the activation of slitting units during the wrapping process by means of induction.