Signal tape Highly flexible, heat-activated adhesive tape ALU-Standard

ALU-Standard signal tape is a heat-activated adhesive tape made of a fleece-aluminum composite with one-sided adhesive precoating. Processing with the signal tape takes place in special veneer splicing machines with no additional glue required. In this way, the veneer strips are excellently joined with induction-compatible veneer rolls. The adhesive tape also enables the production of fixed-size veneers on rolls for profile wrapping and can be used for wrapping by means of induction.

When using the signal tape, you should be aware that aluminium is sensitive to oxidation and can result in discolouration in the veneer when exposed to moisture and wood tannin. It is therefore paramount that you use an appropriate laminating glue for subsequent laminating processes and make sure it dries sufficiently.


  • Optimal induction properties
  • High tear resistance
  • Highly heat-resistant bond



thickness approx. 280 μ
available width 20 mm; 42 mm; other widths available on request